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Digital Ocean vs InterServer vs Bluehost

Sammenlignede alternativer Besøk Digital Ocean Besøk InterServer Besøk Bluehost
13 hosting-planer 66 hosting-planer 13 hosting-planer
Startpris Nkr 45 / måned Nkr 23 / måned Nkr 27 / måned
Gratis domene Nei Nei Ja
Kuponger Nei 2 kuponger 1 kupong
Pålitelighet 2.5
Prising 3.0
Brukervennlig 3.0
Support 2.5
Funksjoner 3.0
97 omtaler 388 omtaler 255 omtaler
Siste positive omtale
Great Service
John Howard,
Digital Ocean is a highly customisable cloud hosting service with reasonable rates. The only drawback for non-technical customers is you will need to configure your server VIA the command-line – the good thing is Digital Ocea... Mer n has easy to follow documentation that shows you how to do this among many other things. Mindre
Excellent services!
Edward Shih,
They listen to my/customer's requests for a migrating Moodle site. They updated me on the progress of each step and I appreciate their great teamwork! Many thanks.
Great Responsive Support with a System that continues to Improve
Henry A Castillo,
I was someone who wanted the most affordable option, and with Bluehost I found a solution. I have used Bluehost for years, and one thing that was always of quality was their support.
Their system was not the most user friend... Mer ly at the beginning, but it has since made huge strides.
Reviewing my server, installing WordPress, accessing my backups; are all easy to do now with little to no struggle.
I'm so impressed with their commitments to improving their services and products that I'm here writing this review.
Siste negative omtale
Good plan prices with bad customer service
David Littlefield,
I will say that they have good plan prices. You will need to already know how to manage a server. If you don't have to interact with their customer service team then it's great.
The customer service at Digital Ocean is an unp... Mer leasant mess for the following reasons:
1. It's inconsistent: You receive replies from different people every time in the same email thread. 
2. It's uncoordinated: You receive identical template responses from different customer service representatives in the same email thread.
3. It's insincere: You are given offers to provide technical assistance without them following through.
4. It's inefficient: You literally have to interact with 5 to 10 customer service representatives to answer a simple question.
5. It's self-promoting: You receive are sent paragraphs of sales copy during your customer service request without having first received any customer service.
6. It's questionable: You receive responses that repeatedly avoid or completely ignore answering simple questions about performance capabilities.
The worst customer services ever
Ossama Salamah,
Since we migrated to Interserver.our emails are marked as spam with our recipients and I have contacted customer service several times without any solutions. I tried escalating but they don't have any escalation process. I t... Mer ried reaching to their leadership on LinkedIn but no one is responding. I don't recommend them at all Mindre
They will steal your money after you cancel... and even try to steal your password!
Jullian Hartford-Smith,
I cancelled my Bluehost account in 2018, as the platform is unstable and glitchy. But alas, I was charged for the account in 2019... and 2020... and 2021. Each year I have contacted Bluehost to make sure my account is cancell... Mer ed, and ask for a refund of the unauthorised charges. Each year they have refused to refund.
Finally today I managed to get Bluehost to refund the 2021 charge - after 3 hours talking with their staff. They refused to refund the 2019 and 2020 charges, even though I gave them the reference number showing I cancelled in 2018.
So they still owe me approx. AU$450!
To process the 2021 refund the staff member said she needed the last four characters of my password, sent to her via chat. That is an absolute 'no-no' in IT! How dodgy is this company? Even dodgier than it appears on the surface I suspect.
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Under 4 dollar Nei


Nkr 2.50 / MO
  • Plass: Ubegrenset
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrenset
  • Panel: cpanel
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Nkr 2.95 / MO
  • Plass: 50 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrenset
  • Panel: cpanel
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Under 8 dollar Nei


Nkr 8.00 / MO
  • Plass: Ubegrenset
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrenset
  • Panel: cpanel
  • Antall nettsteder: 25


Nkr 5.45 / MO
  • Plass: Ubegrenset
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrenset
  • Panel: cpanel
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Over 10 dollar Nei Nei


Nkr 12.95 / MO
  • Plass: Ubegrenset
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrenset
  • Panel: cpanel
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Under 4 dollar Nei Nei Nei
Under 8 dollar Nei

VPS1 - Linux

Nkr 6.00 / MO
  • Plass: 30 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrenset
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Over 10 dollar Nei

VPS1 - Windows

Nkr 10.00 / MO
  • Plass: 30 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrenset
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Nkr 18.99 / MO
  • Plass: 30 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrenset
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Dedikert server
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Under 4 dollar Nei Nei Nei
Under 8 dollar Nei Nei Nei
Over 10 dollar Nei

Intel E3-1230V5

Nkr 49.00 / MO
  • Plass: 2 TB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrenset
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Nkr 79.99 / MO
  • Plass: 5 TB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrenset
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pakker> > fra Nkr 62 til {{tol}}
Under 4 dollar Nei Nei Nei
Under 8 dollar


Nkr 5.00 / MO
  • Plass: 25 GB
  • Båndbredde: 1 TB
Vis $5-pakken


Nkr 6.95 / MO
  • Plass: 100 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrenset
Vis Starter-pakken
Over 10 dollar


Nkr 10.00 / MO
  • Plass: 50 GB
  • Båndbredde: 2 TB
Vis $10-pakken


Nkr 8.95 / MO
  • Plass: Ubegrenset
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrenset
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Under 4 dollar Nei Nei Nei
Under 8 dollar Nei Nei Nei
Over 10 dollar Nei

RS One

Nkr 19.95 / MO
  • Plass: 80 GB
  • Båndbredde: 500.02 GB
  • Panel: cpanel
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Bruno Mirchevski Hosting Expert

Most people tend to opt for one of these three brands when it comes to web hosting and it’s because they’re known for providing decent services. The customers who opt for BlueHost, however, have picked the best of the bunch. DigitalOcean, though a great service, only offers cloud hosting, and while Interserver has the same hosting solutions as BlueHost, they’re not as reliable or as well-performing. BlueHost plans come with either unlimited or extensive memory and bandwidth and cost much less than the other providers. They also have a better customer support team that’s available 24/7. Its commitment to great service and customer care is what makes BlueHost the winner of this comparison. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal on such a good service.