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Kundens rangering for JetServer

  • Pålitelighet
    9.9 / 10
  • Prising
    9.1 / 10
  • Brukervennlig
    9.9 / 10
  • Support
    9.8 / 10
  • Funksjoner
    9.5 / 10

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Tjeneste Prisområde
Shared Hosting Nkr 94.58 - Nkr 206.13 Se planer
VPS Nkr 240.09 - Nkr 2,265.05 Se planer
Cloud Hosting Nkr 157.63 - Nkr 848.79 Se planer
Resellers Nkr 436.52 - Nkr 1,210.13 Se planer
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JetServer ekspertomtaler 2019

Skrevet av: Michael Lavnduski

JetServer vurdering

  • Pålitelighet
    7 / 10
  • Prising
    8 / 10
  • Brukervennlig
    8.5 / 10
  • Support
    7.5 / 10
  • Funksjoner
    8 / 10
Rangert som  av Michael Lavnduski
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Expert Overview

Well-Established Hosting

JetServer has been around for more than ten years now serving the people throughout Asia and Israel.  They provide good quality hosting that will meet the needs of most basic sites as well we with some higher level options.  They clearly target a more Asian market because that is the language their site is in by default, but it is easy enough to translate to English if you're looking to host a site in that region.

They provide traditional shared hosting services as well as SEO hosting, which is basically just the ability to have multiple IP addresses in different ranges for your different sites.  They also do easy domain registration and sell SSL certificates to their customer.  They also seem to provide web design options, but it is not quite as clear how that works. No matter what you're looking for related to web hosting, you'll likely be able to find it here.

Uptime & Reliability

Little Information Available

I looked through their site but could find nothing about an uptime guarantee or other similar features.  As I looked through other review sites, social media and other resources I couldn't find anything about them either in this regard.  On the one hand, if you don't see any complaints, that may be considered a good thing.  On the other hand if nobody says much about it at all, it is hard to be too confident.

They do have free backup, and the hardware they use seems to be good so if I had to make a guess, I'd say they likely provide good reliable hosting.


Typical hosting Features

You'll have all the normal features that you would expect from a hosting company provided.  While they don't have unlimited disk space or traffic (except with their largest packages) the limits are quite reasonable and most people hosting a site won't bump into them at all.  At the lowest level you'll get 5 gigs of disk space, for example, which is quite generous.

All their packages seem to come with free backups, unlimited domains and unlimited account interfaces, which is a nice little perk.  These are fairly small things, but overall they add up to being important.

They use cPanel for their control panel, which is nice since that is the most popular and widely considered the best option out there.


Limited Information Available

This is another area where they don't really provide too much information to their customers, at least not until you sign up.  You can submit a ticket for their support team, but I believe that is actually for their customer sales service, not technical support.  It seems they provide the tech support information after you've signed up so that makes it difficult to judge.  I didn't find anyone complaining about it though, so take that for what it is worth.

I could not find any real 'self-help' options either.  This is not too unusual, but it is always nice to see these types of things as a little perk.


Reasonable Pricing

They are a very typical web hosting company.  As I was looking through their different packages, none of them struck me as being an overly great deal, but also none of them looked like they were ripping you off.  They seem to just have fair prices for their customers and do a good job with keeping their services in line with industry standards.


Your Typical Hosting Solution

There is really not too much that is extraordinary about this company.  They have been in business over ten years, so that says something about them.  They do seem to provide a good service at a fair price, and in many cases that is all you can really ask for.  They aren't an industry leader or anything, but they do seem to give a good overall service.


  • In business over ten years
  • cPanel
  • Free backups
  • Good SEO hosting


  • No obvious uptime guarantee
  • No dedicated servers
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JetServer priser, planer og funksjoner - 2019

Delte hostingplaner

Plan-navn Plass Båndbredde Pris Score
Ubegrenset Ubegrenset Nkr 94.58 7.4
Ubegrenset Ubegrenset Nkr 143.08 9.8
Ubegrenset Ubegrenset Nkr 206.13 9.6

VPS hostingplaner

Plan-navn Plass RAM OS Pris Score
10 GB 512 MB Nkr 240.09 10
160 GB 6 GB Nkr 2,265.05 9.6


Plan-navn Plass RAM Båndbredde Pris Score
20 GB 512 MB Ubegrenset Nkr 157.63 9.6
30 GB 1 GB Ubegrenset Nkr 230.39 9.6
40 GB 2 GB Ubegrenset Nkr 375.89 9.6
60 GB 4 GB Ubegrenset Nkr 521.40 9.6
250 GB 1 GB Ubegrenset Nkr 230.39 9.6
500 GB 1 GB Ubegrenset Nkr 460.77 9.6
1000 GB 1 GB Ubegrenset Nkr 606.28 9.6
1.95 TB 1 GB Ubegrenset Nkr 848.79 9.6


Plan-navn Plass Båndbredde Pris Score
Small Reseller 5 GB 358.4 GB Nkr 436.52 9.6
Medium Reseller 10 GB 512 GB Nkr 679.03 9.6
Large Reseller 25 GB 999 TB Nkr 921.54 9.8
SEO Reseller +4 IP Addresses 10 GB 358.4 GB Nkr 846.36 9.6
SEO Reseller +6 IP Addresses 15 GB 460.8 GB Nkr 994.30 9.6
SEO Reseller +8 IP Addresses 20 GB 563.2 GB Nkr 1,210.13 9.6

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